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About Jason Scott

In 1995, after traveling to many countries around the world, Jason Scott found himself drawn to the beauty and culture of the exotic island of Java. During his journey through the incredible countryside, he began collecting several pieces of antique furniture and artifacts. When he later returned to the United States, Jason began forging the foundation of his findings: a small antique furniture shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After two years of successful business, Jason sold "Ancient Secrets" and followed his creative passion back to Java for further study and development. The "Jason Scott Collection" was born in a small village where he began manufacturing furniture. These exquisite works of reclaimed teak are salvaged from abandoned structures and handcrafted using a unique ten-step process of wire brushing, scraping with broken glass, burning, waxing, rubbing with empty bottles, and state-of-the-art kiln drying.

After building the foundation of his work in Java, Jason began creating custom pieces for an upscale retail design firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, and his business began to steadily grow. In 1998, as his commerce in Phoenix was on the rise, he permanently moved to the same small village in Java, working side by side with his carpenters, carvers, and assemblers.

Jason Scott carries on to create with his team of over two-hundred craftsmen to design beautiful, quality heirloom pieces of furniture, and with three factory warehouses throughout Java, his business continues to persist to meet the needs of his clientele in the United States.

Today, Jason Scott resides in Phoenix with his wife and two children and continuously travels back and forth between home and the same small village in Java.