Our Story

Cindy Holland was 26, single and working 72 hours a week in fashion merchandising when it hit her one day that there should be more to life than work. “I woke up one morning and decided that I needed a 9 to 5 job, with nights and weekends off,” says Cindy, who is now the co-owner with her husband, Bill Holland of Hill Country Interiors, a large furniture store on 1604 that specializes in unique furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories for home, ranch and office. It took a while to get where she is now, but once the decision was made, the young woman immediately started changing her life to achieve her goals. Today, she feels that she and Bill are in a place “way beyond their dream.”

Her pride in their business is evident as she gives us a tour of the 30,000-square-foot facility built in 2006 specifically to house their showroom and auxiliary spaces. Throughout the retail space, the various items are grouped into room configurations called vignettes to help customers see what they would look like in a home. To make it even homier, there’s a fully equipped kitchen right in the middle of things, and cooking smells may tickle customers’ nostrils sometimes. The kitchen comes in especially handy when we throw a party to promote a designer or host other festivities on the premises. There’s also an office furniture and lighting section, a rug gallery and a complete design center.

“I Just Want them to Love Their Homes.”

Building a business with persistence, work and faith!

A devout Christian, she believes that God has had a hand in her and Bill’s success. In fact, a cross is embedded in the foundation of the new building at Blanco and 1604. She quotes the best advice she’s ever received and has strived to follow: “If you make this business your own, it will only be what you can see. But if you make it God’s business, he will make it more than you could ever dream of.”