CCL Nevada Conversation Sofa
CCL Nevada Conversation Sofa

CCL Nevada Conversation Sofa

Regular price$8,999.99

The "Nevada Conversation Sofa" sounds like a versatile and stylish piece of furniture suitable for various settings, whether you're going for a western or city vibe. Its slight curve adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring comfortable seating for engaging conversations. With a solid frame and spring-down seats, it likely offers both durability and plush comfort. The use of top grain leather further enhances its quality and lends a luxurious feel to any room. Additionally, the option to choose from multiple leather finishes allows for customization to suit different preferences and interior styles. If you're considering this sofa, you might want to explore more about its dimensions, upholstery options, and reviews to ensure it meets your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Overall: W 95"  H 40"  D 44"
Inside: W 90"
Seat: H 17"  D 25"
Arm: W 5"  H 24"

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