Cadillac Lamp Table

Cadillac Lamp Table

Regular price$2,999.99


Introducing the Cadillac Lamp Table from the Jason Scott Collection: a luxurious statement piece meticulously hand-carved in Bali to elevate the ambiance of your living room with unparalleled elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lamp table features exquisite hand-carved detailing that adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. Its sleek design and sturdy construction make it the perfect addition to your living room, providing both functionality and style. Handcrafted in Bali by skilled artisans, each Cadillac Lamp Table is a testament to the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. From its intricate carvings to its smooth finish, this table exudes quality and authenticity, making it a focal point in any luxury living room.

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